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It is very important to stay healthy with fresh fruit in Guatemala
Our body requires a variety of proteins, calories, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, antioxidants for its metabolism and more importantly to enhance the immune system against the diseases. To get the optimum health benefits, it is recommended to eat variety of fresh organic fruits to furnish our body with essential nutrients.

In Guatemala you can find sustainable agriculture with Agrofruit. They have tropical trees with healthy and delicious fruit.   Its consumption is important because if it's included in appropriate amounts in a regular diet, it contributes to the health of your body. Helps reduce disease, hydrates the body and facilitates the elimination of toxins.

Benefits of Pineapple

This refreshing tropical fruit  facilitates the removal of body fat deposits, due to its high fiber content, the pineapple satisfies the hunger, prevents constipation, normalizes the flora intestinal and prevents obesity.  This fruit also contains an enzyme called bromelain that acts as a substitute for the gastric juices and improves digestion. Destroys the covering of quitina that protects intestinal parasites, which are expelled from the body.  This fruit can be eaten or you can drink cocktails in a delicious juice, do not forget the taste of this fruit will be better if it is cultivated by Agrofruit.  They are a pineapple grower in Centralamerica.

Benefits of banana fruit

Is known for the calories and vitamins they provide, so it is recommended for children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, athletes and seniors. This fruit helps the digestion.  It protects the stomach from acidity and ulcers. Bananas produce mucus that create a barrier between the stomach wall and the stomach acid. In India, doctors use a remedy based on green banana powder to treat ulcers. Bananas are good for heart health. Two small bananas provide the fiber that provides a slice of bread. But unlike bread, banana fiber is soluble. Soluble fiber can help lower cholesterol. You can make delicious desserts with bananas.  Agrofruit is a banana grower in centralamerica

Benefits of  Rambutan

Rambutan is a fruit that belongs to the same family as lychee.  Today there are over 1,000 species of trees and shrubs distributed throughout warm regions of the world, this fruit is one of the most sweet and pleasant to the palate.  The nutritive properties of rambutan are characterized for the high carbohydrates and calorie impact.  This fruit provides vitamin C.  It also has a proportion of type B vitamins, that are water soluble such as folic acid, essential for pregnant women. Potassium is the most abundant mineral. The rambutan also provides a significant amount of magnesium. Agrofuit is a rambutan supplier.

Stay healthy.  For more information click here.

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